15th Semi-Annual Competition @ Dave Bown Projects

Deadline for Submission on December 16, 2017

This competition is open to all visual artists who are 18 years of age or older. All styles, mediums, and themes are eligible. 
During the previous competition, we received submissions from over 40 countries.

Note: Artists that have been exhibited or are currently being exhibited by the jurors are not eligible. Artists that have worked or are currently working with the jurors are not eligible. Employees of the [insert where jurors work here] are not eligible. 

Early entries are encouraged ... Because previewing will occur on a daily and weekly basis by Dave Bown Projects as submissions are received. 

Selection will be based on merit (your skills and abilities, via images of your work). All images will be considered and viewed by Dave Bown Projects. Dave Bown Projects reserves the right to reject a submission (images of work) at any time and for any reason. 

Do not try to guess what the jurors might like ... simply submit images of your best work ... the jurors have agreed to set aside their personal bias when they select artists.  

And the jurors will not form a committee when they select artists ... which is really good news for you. In other words, If only one of the three jurors likes your work ... you could be selected. 

The jurors will only have access to the images of your work and a document that list a reference number, medium, and dimensions per image. We will change the file names of each of your images (e.g., c-15_0123.jpg) so that the jurors will not have access to your name, gender, ethnicity, or any impermissible criterion or circumstance. 

The jurors are interested in viewing images of work from emerging artists from all styles, mediums, and themes. 


Find out more about the jurors, prizes, and submission requirements at the link below.

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15th Semi-Annual Competition @ Dave Bown Projects | Chicago Artists Resource


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