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Nicole Garneau

The Edit: Performance Artist Nicole Garneau

Making a statement flexible for artists with multiple bodies of work

Garneau works in so many media and has so many interests that one artist statement will never quite capture her work. We'll develop a customizable model: a base statement that satisfies the core criteria of her interests, and room to slot in a specific work example that reinforces the base.

The 3rd Language

3rd Language

A Queer Collective Interview

3rd Language is a Chicago-based collective of artists and thinkers exploring and embracing difference, otherness and transgression. They name this otherness and transgression "queer." Jeff Oaks, CAR’s literary researcher, and Andi Crist, CAR’s visual arts researcher interviewed them to find out more about their mission.

Cara Dehnert Huffman, JD, MAM

Law for Artists: Copyright Duration

Copyright lengths for individuals, joint works, works made for hire and anonymous

Copyright law can be confusing, especially with the abundance of misinformation circulated. In a perfect world, artists, art dealers, art lovers and everyone else in the art community would live in harmony and there would never be any conflicts. Unfortunately disagreements do arise. Therefore, in the event of a copyright conflict, artists should be aware of what their rights are. This series of articles will explain, generally, the basics of copyright law for artists.

Cara Dehnert Huffman, JD, MAM

Law for Artists: The Basics of Copyright

Copyright defined, owner rights, and the benefits of registration

In a perfect world, artists, art dealers, art lovers and everyone else in the art community would live in harmony and there would never be any conflicts. Unfortunately disagreements do arise. Therefore, in the event of a copyright conflict, artists should be aware of what their rights are. This article will explain, generally, the basics of copyright law for artists.

Moving Canvase by Audience Architects

The Collaboration behind Moving Canvas

A Field Notes Special Edition

The Chicago Artists Coalition hosted Moving Canvas, a program of Audience Architects. This collaborative endeavor joins performing artists, visual artists and audiences to attract new participants and explore the possibilities of interdisciplinary collaboration.

David Taylor

Singletrack: David Taylor

"Coffee's So Good" single

I wanted to create something dance-able. This hook tends to lend itself to that. Besides, it’s simply more fun setting something to a four-on-the-floor beat.

Field Notes: Chicago Music

Reporting from Chicago's diverse music scene

CAR's music researcher and staff report on the artists and audiences they meet around Chicago. The ongoing goal of this report is to provide a snapshot of the music industry and scene as CAR works to reach more diverse audiences and learn what tools those audiences want and expect from CAR.

826CHI logo

Field Notes: 826CHI and Beyond

A literary researcher's adventures behind The Boring Store

CAR's Literary Researcher, Jeff Oaks, embeds in 826CHI, a non-profit dedicated to supporting students ages 6 through 18 with their creative and expository writing skills.

Whitney Carter of Carter&Citizen

Are Art Fairs Worth the While?

The owner of Carter & Citizen in L.A. tells us how she makes the call.

Whitney Carter opened Carter & Citizen in September 2011 in the Culver City arts district of Los Angeles.

Field Notes: Dance & Performance in Chicago

CAR's dance researcher reports on the dance scene around Chicago.

Dance Researcher Victoria Bradford is embedded in the Chicago dance and performance scene for the Fall of 2013 to engage with local dance enthusiasts, dance artists, and dance companies.

Jennifer Stucki, Oboist

Singletrack: Jennifer Stucki, Oboist

Sonatine for Oboe and Piano by Maurice Ravel

This piece explores the higher range of the oboe, which is a difficult range to play in tune while maintaining a full and dark sound. When played well, the sound that emanates is a beautiful, alluring impression unique to the oboe.

Exit Ghost

Singletrack: Michael Golas of Exit Ghost

"Speaker" from the album Elston (residency at High Concept Laboratories)

There are an infinite number of ways to create a song. It can begin with a founding motif. You can impose a rhythmic device that structures the sounds around it. Starting with a lyric can generate a vocabulary of imagery for the music to follow. A simple riff can morph into an entire phrase.

Traci Hercher and Madeline Nusser hash it out at Washington Park Art Incubator

The Edit: Photographer Traci Hercher

A look at punctuation issues that can make or break an artist statement.

We're artists. We paint, dance, act, strum, perform and write. But are we (even you, authors) masters of writing about what we do? Not always. Still, the world expects us to spell out the our ideas and goals in order to score the grants, residencies and jobs we need. The Edit is a look at artists' statements, bios, cover letters and the editorial process that shapes them into more persuasive arguments for one's practice.

James T. Green

Digital Self: Managing Your Online Presence

How artists manage personal and professional personae online

I put myself in the mindset of baking. My art-making and design work are the cake, the foundation. They take the majority of my time and energy. Social media is the icing that lends a voice to what I do—just enough but not overpowering.

The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation

So What, Now What: A Contemporary Art Curatorial Conversation (2 of 2)

Now what: the effect of customization on the curatorial experience

This panel discussed the emergence of new ways to engage audiences in artworks through customized exhibitions and avenues for visitor participation. Panelists considered in depth the implications of audience expectations that are increasingly driven by popular culture and informed by widespread use of social media.

Lillstreet Arts Center

Field Notes: Lillstreet Arts Center

CAR's Visual Researcher spends two weeks at the Northside arts hub.

Often the artists who say they have a “studio” here simply have their name on one of the hundreds of shelves that line the ceramics wing. “But we like that,” Robbins assures me. “We want everyone to feel like they have a place to work and feel like part of the family here.”

A tech adjusts a drum set bewteen acts at Pitchfork Music Festival.

Pitching In

Chicago’s music scene bands together to produce Pitchfork Music Festival

"Pitchfork is a community of music people who have come together to put on a project that we really love that has been successful and has grown. It was a positive experience from the get-go, and it’s stayed that way." Read up on the people who make the popular music festival run.

South Logan Arts Coalition

Artists Helping Artists, Helping Neighbors

South Logan Arts Coalition puts artists in vacant storefronts

As makers, we should all be inspired to lend some time and resources to support our colleagues in their own practices and confront the needs of the neighborhoods that we work in. South Logan Arts Coalition has done just this.

field notes

Field Notes: Visual Art

CAR's visual arts researcher reports on visual arts communities and organizations around Chicago.

Visual Arts Researcher Andi Crist is moving around the city reporting on and engaging with local artists, arts administrators and advocates to expand our understanding of the visual arts landscape in Chicago.