Bulldogs Unleashed 2018

Twenty-five decorated fiberglass bulldogs were unleashed in downtown Batavia in May 2011. With the support of local residents and community partners, another bevy of bulldogs will be unleashed in May 2018.

Bulldogs Unleashed 2018 is a community-wide cultural arts project produced through a unique collaborative partnership among the Batavia Foundation for Educational Excellence, the Batavia Parks Foundation, and the Batavia Public Library Foundation.

30-inch and 44-inch fiberglass bulldogs are available for sponsorship or purchase. (A limited number of bulldogs are available for purchase.) Sponsored bulldogs will be auctioned at a fete in the fall of 2018.

Regional artists are invited to participate in this exciting event by submitting designs for the bulldogs. Artists are invited to visit BulldogsUnleashed.org to review and download the design application. The deadline to submit designs is December 31. 2017.

Sponsors and owners of bulldogs will select designs and work with a chosen artist. Once a design is selected, the artist will be given $150 (for a 30-inch dog) or $200 (for a 44-inch dog) up front for materials. When the bulldog is sold at auction in September 2018, the artist will receive 20% of the auction price. Artists selected by bulldogs purchased outright will receive the same startup money and $300 (30-inch dog) or $500 (44-inch dog) on completion of the bulldog.

There is no fee for artists to submit designs.

The bulldogs will be on display throughout downtown Batavia, June–August 2018.

For more information please contact:

George H. Scheetz, Director

(630) 879-1393 x 350



Michele Martzel, Promotional Services Manager


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Sunday, December 31, 2017
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Michele Martzel
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10 S. Batavia Ave.
Batavia  Illinois  60510
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