UPROOTED: Convergence 2019 residency in Morocco

Con·vergence – kənˈvərjens – (n.)  1. the coming together from different directions so as eventually to meet. 2. a gradual change that results in things or people becoming similar or developing something in common.


Green Olive Arts’ annual CONVERGENCE Residency invites artists from a broad spectrum of creative practices and cultural backgrounds to a season of shared research, production and immersion in the diverse landscape of an ancient city on the edge of the Mediterranean.

Somewhere in the age-old story of relocating to a far off land for reasons that pulled, or pushed us out, is a deeply human hope for firm soil in which to flourish.

It’s an ancestor stepping onto a steamer … and it’s a family waiting at a border today … crossing great distances and immeasurable obstacles to find home.

New landscapes. Tireless movement. A stranger’s kindness. Incalculable loss. More waiting.

Their story is ours, and our roots are intertwined. We’ll never be the same because they were … and are ... uprooted. Convergence 2019 calls global creatives to dig deep and explore through their art the common story of migration and displacement in the human narrative.  

The program includes: Airport transfers and all ground transport // 27 nights single occupancy the new Hotel Al Mandri near the studios and the ancient medina, and 2 meals per day // Shared studio space, furniture and tools. // Staff assistance, connections and networking with the local community and artisans, and interactive round tables with fellow artists. // Interactions with people who have dedicated their time and resources to advocating for migrant peoples // A culminating open studios/exhibition event.

Green Olive Arts holds a broad definition of “artist” to include many types of creative production – this particular residency may appeal to those who work in painting, drawing, mixed media, writing, textile arts, sculpture, design, photography, video, installation art, and many other forms. We accept both established and emerging artists with quality portfolios and proposals for the work they desire to create during the residency, which must align with the UPROOTED theme and the common story of migration and displacement in the human narrative.

To be eligible for consideration, applicants must submit the online application form, CV, portfolio of recent works, artist statement, application fee and complete an interview … Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Application Fee: 200 MAD

Resdidency Fee: 44,000 MAD

Basic Info
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Friday, September 14, 2018
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Rachel Pearsey
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18 Ave. Mohamed ben Abderrahman
93000  Tetouan