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Professional development resources relating to aspects of your creative practice "in the studio."


Vera Scekic

What is the value of working in alternative spaces?

Working in alternative spaces has been invaluable for my career as an artist.

A few weeks ago, an acquaintance was at my studio looking at some of the work I had completed over the past decade. A water pipe had burst in my space the previous weekend, and I was in the process of checking the work for damage (there was none, fortunately). My friend stood patiently as I looked things over. As we were preparing to leave, she finally confessed that three or four artists could have produced my work rather than one set of hands.

Tania Richard

As a playwright how do you seek feedback in the beginning stages of writing?

People’s opinions are influenced by so many things and pure objective feedback is a rare commodity.

Chris Sullivan

A worst-case scenario for presenting your work and a lesson in preparation based on collaged facts.

Gretchen is a young sculpture student, under her arm is a tattered sketchbook that announces her scatter brained yet intriguing personae.

Jill Pope

I'm a new parent: How do I manage my time and my practice?

I am a fulltime stay-at-home mom of a 23 month old. I live in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Now doesn't that have the mark of artistic success written all over it?

In the first year of my daughter's life I was busier than ever and had more exhibitions than in any previous year. In addition to all the packing and unpacking, loading and inventorying for these exhibitions I also found time to paint. It has been one of the great puzzlements this year to find that I have so much less time to devote to my craft.


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