Piezography Workshop with Andrew Doak

Sunday, June 25, 2017 - 10:00am to 3:00pm

Piezography is a black and white inkjet printmaking system that replaces the color inks in Epson printers with several shades of gray ink. It then uses special software and paper profiling technology to create prints with incredible tonal breadth and exceedingly rich detail. A Piezography print combines the deep blacks of a silver print and the subtle grays and highlights of a platinum print (actually, it exceeds both). No other printer or ink manufacturer can reach the same quality in monochrome.

With the recent release of Piezography Pro this year, there has never been a better time to dive into this amazing system. The innovations of Piezography Pro include the darkest blacks on earth, a gloss optimizer that seals and enhances the print at the same time as printing, and the ability to a create signature toned looks by using warm and cool gray inks, then blending them in the printing software. The user also has unprecedented access to tools for calibrating and fine tuning their unique printer and paper combinations.

This workshop will teach you to use this software confidently and competently to make prints that will knock your socks off. Most importantly, upon completion, you will be fully certified to use Latitude’s Piezography Pro printer on your own time, to make your own work (We’re one of the only community-access labs in the world to offer this)!

A few of the things we’ll cover:
▪ Pre-print checklist (printer, files, paper).
▪ Using the printmaking software.
▪ Workflow and expression for different paper substrates (matte & glossy).
▪ How to tone and split-tone your images.
▪ Best practices, editing for Piezography.
▪ Lunch IS included! :)
Reserve a spot, bring some files to print, and get ready to make some beautiful black and white prints! Participants who have Mac laptops may BYOD (bring your own device). Nothing against PCs, it’s just that the Piezography software works best on the Mac platform! If you’re a film shooter, be sure to book some time in the lab before the workshop to make some great scans (we’re one of the only DIY labs to do drum scanning, and Piezography is the ideal vehicle to showcase the quality you get from drums).
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