Bath Bomb Artist is Needed

Color Cocktail Factory is hiring!

We need a great bath bomb making teaching artist to jump in immidately.

Compensation is $20/hour


Class Description:

What are bath bombs?

Bath bombs are a fusion of organic ingredients and essential oils that when coming into contact with your bath or water create an explosion of creative colours, oils and fragrances to help provide a relaxing and aromatic aura instilling a sense of fun into your bath.

Are there different types of Bath Bombs?

Here at Color Cocktail, we are giving the creative reigns to you to help customise your very own bath bomb, you will choose everything to the colour, all the way to the herbs and flowers you wish to put in the bomb, so you can tailor make them to your skin and body needs.

What will I learn in the workshop?

This workshop will teach you to make and customise your own Bath Bomb from scratch delving into the creative process choosing every flower, herb, colour and essential oils to create your own fizzy fun!

We will also provide insider knowledge about bath bombs made in your locals stores and also advise you on any problem that might come up when making the bath bombs in the comfort of your own home!

This is perfect for parties or anyone with a passing interest as you can customise the bombs into any shape or form, you can even bring your own mould to have a more personal touch.

Skills & Qualifications: 


Qualifications (most of the following): Be a candle artist* Over 21 years old* Outgoing, personable, & fun ** Experience teaching candle making (especially to groups, but 1-on-1 instruction also good)* Ability to be reliable and timely* Laid back personality; likes to laugh and have fun (our team is young, fun, and energetic . . . we work hard, but we do it while telling jokes and having a great time.

To Apply: 
Only Email us at "info"
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