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Are you a streetwear enthusiast and enjoy style and art as much as you do music? Do you have a eye for detail and able to spot a brand from afar? Do you feel more good than bad when you're referred to as a HYPEBEAST? You may be perfect for the squad. 


SWGRUS is a multimedia brand that is trusted by millennials as the authority on style, music, tech, news and lifestyle and celebrating creatives that lead the pack.


Candidates must be able to work on spur-of-the-moment deadlines, and have command of Adobe CS suite. (If you don't know what that is, just stop reading now.) Knowledge of design history, street culture, music, style, and fish tacos is a plus.


Daily responsibilities: Blogging, Covering concerts, posting music, lookbooks, news, interviews and news relative to our brand mission. Gathering information for features. Looking for subjects. Reaching out to artists/labels for possible features. Setting up photoshoots. Video-recording content for YouTube Channel. 


Create. Design. Destroy (the competition) for both PRINT, ONLINE, and PHOTOGRAPHY based projects. We want people who have smart, funny ideas, enthusiasm to create new content, and a commitment to excellence. 

Skills & Qualifications: 

Desired Skills and Experience



  • Deeply knowledgeable about fashion, art, pop culture, rap, hip-hop and R&B music and the culture of social media
  • Experienced in writing, editing and Wordpress-style post production
  • Experienced in source writing and deadlines
  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign
  • Skills in video editing, motion graphics are pluses



  • Creating and managing the production of a weekly feature schedule
  • Overseeing a daily news blogging operation
  • Analyzing the day’s news and creating quick, reactive features
  • Analyzing trends in fashion, music and social media culture to keep SWGRUS on the cutting edge
  • Working with professionals in the industry to develop giveaways and interviews 
  • Collaborating with Editor-in-Chief on upcoming features and show dates for content on SWGRUS
  • Representing SWGRUS at hip-hop and streetwear-related events
To Apply: 

Send resumes and cover letters to: terrell[at]

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Terrell Johnson
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