Curatorial Research Intern | Uncommon Ground

Reports to: Music Program Director

Internship Term: November 2018 – December 2018
Pay Category: Unpaid

Required Hours: 10 hours per week + attend one live show a week (2-3 days per week)

Who we are:

Uncommon Ground is a sustainable restaurant, urban farm, coffee house, brewery and music venue, with two locations in Chicago. Our intimate listening rooms host live music, comedy, screenings, open mics and more every night of the week at both our Lakeview and Edgewater locations. 

Role Description:

This position is perfect for someone enthusiastic and passionate about what Chicago has to offer in the arts, and has the curiosity to learn more. The Curatorial Research Intern will delve into the diverse and varied music scenes of Chicago, and gain an understanding of the cross-sections of establishments, demographics and support systems of Chicago that create the wide array of scenes. With an aim to overlap different spheres in the common listening rooms of Uncommon Ground, Curatorial Research Interns will look into: who are the point of contacts for venues, organizations, bands, recording studios, record labels, agents & management, and cultural events; how these contacts might relate to Uncommon Ground venue; how to best introduce ourselves to them and loop them into our programming; making curatorial connections across previously unconnected spheres, i.e. this emerging band shares a common message with this record label – can we bring them together on one bill?



  • Collecting & researching websites, online publications, newspapers, flyers,  
  • Compiling pertinent names and contact
  • Provide brief write-ups on performers, venues, bills
  • Connecting the dots across cultural happenings
  • Compose introductory emails with the supervision of the Director
  • Data entry
  • Research as assigned by the Director
  • Relay information when necessary to Social Media Intern, Booking Assistant Intern, Graphic Design and Visual Intern
  • Curate two pre-show playlist a week
  • Oversee one evening show a week at either location to provide smoothest possible experience for musicians, take notes on show environment, and enjoy a live music show!


-Up to $25 per shift on non-alcoholic drinks and food

-Free concerts

-Exposure to new and exciting music and artists

-Building real world work experience

- Letter of Recommendation: if all hours are fulfilled and performance is satisfactory at end of Internship, a letter of recommendation will be completed for Intern to use for future job applications

Skills & Qualifications: 


  • Self-motivated work ethic
  • Detail Oriented
  • Personal passion for music and performing arts across genres in Chicago
  • Interest in creatively conceiving new opportunities for Chicago’s arts community
  • Willingness to learn new research tools
  • Experience with Word Doc, Google Sheets
  • Concise and clear writing
To Apply: 

To apply for the Curatorial Research Internship at Uncommon Ground, please email resume & cover letter to:

Rebecca Baruc - Program Director

Contact Information
Contact Name: 
Rebecca Baruc