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The Musical Offering is looking for a lighting technician to help us out with the rather confusing theatrical lighting system in our recital hall. It's a DMX light system and is operated via an iPad app rather than a light board. Current troubles include: light switches don't turn the room's non-theatrical/"work" lights on/off as they should, a group of lights that won't turn on at all, an irritating inconsistency in lamp color for the work lights (which I'd fix myself but ladders terrify me), just a general lack of knowledge of which fixtures are on which channels.

Pay: $15/hour. Could take anywhere from 4-12 hours depending on your assessment of exactly how much work the system needs.
Dates/hours: Flexible. The school is closed for winter break 12/24-1/6, so those two weeks are ideal as there won't be lessons or rehearsals happening.
Location: 743 Custer Ave., Evanston

Questions/interest can be directed to me (Jessie Bond) at

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Jessie Bond
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