Music Contract Coordinator | American Music Institute

Music Contract Coordinator Position 


- Ability to collaborate with directors in planning and marketing
- Find creative ways for exposure
- Sales management
- Update and maintain marketing material  
- Update information on webpages
- Work with accounting on payroll for performers
- Develop calendars and schedules
- Recruit performers 
- Arrange music for all contracts  
- Communicate with Marketing/Communication/PR/Development staff to provide input into marketing and development materials such as brochures, newsletters, concert programs, and press releases, to meet marketing and development goals
- Secure groups and organize logistics for gigs
- Reliable transportation required 
- Prepare and send mass email communications to prospective business to work with
- Cultivate and nurture relationships with businesses and performers
- Act as the first point of contact for questions and requests for information 
- Work with the Executive Director to organize and supervise vision and goals
- Commission based position                 
Skills & Qualifications: 
1. Sales Skills 
2. Self-motivated & good at time management 
3. Music Background
4. Writing Skills
5. Ability to work quickly and efficiently
6. Collaborative nature; easy to work with
1. Word Press experience 
2. Graphic design skills 
3. Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop
4. Advertising experience  
5. Blogging experience
6. E-mail marketing and customer acquisition experience
7. Social media experience
To Apply: 

Please send resume, cover letter, and references to

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