Lakeview East: Small shared studio (& woodshop & online gallery)

Front of Fantastic Factory Gallery and Shop

Online gallery to sell your work.

A desk. For you. Your very own desk.

A communal woodshop with all the... tools.

A laser cutter.

CNC router.


Fringe Focus Fantastic Factory #001


Space is currently occupied by a printmaker / 3D-printer enthusiast, a screen printer, and an illustrator / woodworker. We are looking for a fourth person to join our little crew, as most of the time only one person is ever here!


The only rules are you MUST make art. We're here to crack the whip on each other and make cool stuff. I'm a serial procrastinator, and being in an environment with different artists has really helped keep me on task and broaden my creativity.


If you choose, some of your work may be selected for our online gallery: (The gallery has a 55% artist / 45% gallery split). We sell certain genres pretty well, and it's always fun to promote local Chicago art.


There is a retail gallery / storefront, but we're treating it as more of a pop-up shop. We use the space as studio most of the time, but can host small events like a gallery show from time to time.

Contact Email: 
Space Detail
Available Hours: 
All the hours.
Total Square Footage: 
Heating/Air Cond
Floor Types/Surfaces: 
Floor Dimensions: 
Not big.
Maximum Occupancy: 
Ceiling Height: 
Other Accessibility: 
There is a small step / staircase. Garden level.
Space Detail Other: 

Everything is yellow and gold. Pegboard everywhere for hanging tools.

Lots of metal racks for storage, and a decent sized shipping area for online ecommerce. (Don't worry, if your work sells in our gallery, I'll be shipping it for you.) But if you have your own store, there's a nice area for packing tape and boxes and such.

It's very small, but we all have different schedules. Unlikely there would be more than 2 people here most of the time. So you'd be free to hop on a saw or laser cutter, or just write quietly if that's your thing.

Shop 'noisy' hours are 9am to 8pm. You can work here 24/7, but we try to be respectful of the neighbors.

Staff/Office Equipment: 
Staff/Office Equipment Other: 

Someday we will be hiring one staffperson / shop elf to manage all of the shopping, and generally keep things together.

For now, it's 100% your responsibility to clean and organize your own space. I (the owner) am a mess, so I have this gallery to force me to organize a bit.

We are here to make art. If you're unhappy with the toilet paper or need a certain kind of coffee, you can work downtown. This place is for making stuff, and as such, you're free to provide your own materials, wood, papers, paints, etc. and store them here as long as you like! We often borrow / share materials from each other, just make sure you get the okay!

Pricing Info
Pricing Unit: 
Per month
Required Deposit: 
Other Price Information: 

Price includes a desk space (permanent, we won't mess with your desk) and a storage shelf (roughly 4 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet). But we can accomodate larger projects for short periods of time. Price also includes wireless internet / electricity. Your items are secure on a quite street, plus we have a security gate in front of the door. But for real, it's a very quiet street with lots of puppies.

The shop is small, hence the low cost, so it could be great for a jeweler or writer or small woodworking and printmaking. Digital artists are especially welcome, as we likely can't pack in any more tools! (We have a lot of tools).

Building Info
Liability Insurance?: 
Hold Harmless Clauses?: 
Other Insurance Information: 

General liability insurance covers the space / business.

Building Policies: 

Somewhat quiet (no saws) after 8pm. But you can make noise (music, etc.) all night long.

Take the trash and put it... dumpsters. Or something.

Don't drink and drive? I dunno.

Security Policies: 

Lock the door. Lock the gate. Be respectful of each other's stuff, one person's mess is another person's logically thought out cacaphony of organized shipping labels.

Other Building Info: 

Tiny shop. Cool people.