Work in the Fantastic Factory (Lincoln Park / Lakeview)

We currently have 3 artists working together at the Fantastic Factory in Lakeview. Since our schedules are all different, there's plenty of time for some other artists to hop in the studio and take advantage of our woodshop, laser cutter, work tables, and desks.

Rent is just $190 a month, payable via Venmo. You get your own shelf for storage, your own desk if you'd like one, and 24 hour access to the space.

It is a tiny shop, I sometimes call it 'tiny shop'. About the size of an apartment. But we packed it with a TON of tools, materials, and obviously the laser cutter is pretty dope.

If you're an illustrator, a painter, a sculptor (small sculptures I suppose), or any kind of visual artist, let us know if you're interested in a messy but fun little studio. We have room for one or maybe two more artists.

Fantastic Factory is also hiring for some work (we're a design studio) so if you're in between jobs there may be occassional opportunity to assist the company in some capacity. But mostly, it's a desk / tool rental. Pretty simple.

EMAIL ROB <at> FANTASTICFACTORY.SHOP with the subject "I wanna work in the Fantastic Factory!". We'll have you answer a few questions before seeing if you're the right fit.

Space Detail
Available Hours: 
Total Square Footage: 
Heating/Air Cond
Floor Types/Surfaces: 
Hardwood / Laminate
Floor Dimensions: 
20 ft x 30ft approximately
Maximum Occupancy: 
Ceiling Height: 
Other Accessibility: 
Pretty tight space, ideal for smaller work. There is one stair step down in the office.
Space Detail Other: 

Pegboard walls everywhere for storing tools.

Laser cutter on demand (I'll teach you the ropes).

Small CNC router on demand (same).

Shpping area for shipping art.


Personal desk space (you can leave work as-is and it won't get messed with!).

Very yellow walls, you're welcome.

Staff/Office Equipment: 
In-House PC/Macs
Staff/Office Equipment Other: 

There are computers for the shipping area and next to the laser. They're both standing desks basically, but in a pinch you could use them like any computer if you forget your laptop, etc.

Pricing Info
Pricing Unit: 
Per month
Required Deposit: 
Other Price Information: 

$190 a month payable via Venmo (1st of each month).

Building Info
Liability Insurance?: 
Hold Harmless Clauses?: 
Building Policies: 

No loud noise after 8pm or before 8am. During the day you're a-ok.

Clean up your dust, clean up your paint. Leave each table as you found it (clean).

Store tools on the walls, as there's not really space for them elsewhere.

Security Policies: 

Locked door w/ key, plus a security gate in front of said door with a padlock. Pretty secure, and on a nice residential street with folks walking by and security cameras. Dense neighborhood, low crime.

Other Building Info: 

It's a low ceiling, retail space underneath an apartment building.